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Top 10 New Technology Trends to Streamline Remote Work

If you have remote workers at your company, you know the benefits that come with it: productivity, cost savings, and employee satisfaction. However, working from home can present unique distractions and challenges. Since remote work is here to stay, it’s essential to keep up with new technology trends that can streamline the way your team […]

NAS vs Cloud Storage: Which One Is Better for Small Businesses?

Phone connected to clouds

Small businesses are constantly faced with the challenge of managing their growing data storage needs efficiently. Whether you run a small e-commerce store, a creative agency, or a local restaurant, data is at the heart of your operations. This raises an important question: how should small businesses store and manage their data? Two popular options […]

Top Cloud Security Solutions to Secure Your Data

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The cloud is a secure platform to store data. However, many businesses assume that the cloud is impenetrable. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case—Snyk’s reported that 80% of businesses experienced a significant security incident related to their cloud infrastructure within the past year.  If you’re using the cloud to store or share data, there are […]

Struggling with Connectivity and Collaboration in Your Business? Try Cloud Communication

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The last year has been a challenge for businesses around the world, with a surge of remote work becoming the new norm since the pandemic. Connectivity and collaboration between employees are powerful tools that can make any business succeed. Yet, many companies have encountered difficulties as a result of poor communication tools or lack thereof. […]

Should Your Law Firm Utilize the Cloud?

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IT for law firms is an important service that includes cloud computing. The cloud has become an increasingly popular IT solution that offers a range of benefits, from decreased costs and scalability to remote work capabilities and enhanced security.  For law firms in particular, the cloud can be especially useful. It allows firms to keep […]

5 Reasons Your Small to Medium Business Should Migrate to the Cloud

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In the modern business world, it’s essential to keep modernizing and updating your technology. Sticking with the status quo can make it difficult to remain competitive or even just keep up with the times. With cloud technology, businesses of all sizes now have access to efficient and cost-effective solutions that can help them compete in […]

What Providers Should Know About Cloud Computing for Healthcare 

cloud computing for healthcare

In the healthcare industry, Grand View Research reported, “The market for healthcare cloud infrastructure increased by 9.7% from 2019 to 2020.” The benefits of this tool became that much more evident post-pandemic. The cloud computing for healthcare model allows providers to store and access data from anywhere at any time, aiding efficient patient care. While […]

10 Benefits of Cloud Computing 

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Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services over the internet in a scalable and affordable manner. It encompasses a large range, including: Cloud storage Web-based email Software development platforms Server hosting Although it has been around for about 20 years, it wasn’t until recently that companies started trusting this service as a central part […]

Advantages of Cloud Services for Small Businesses

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Cloud services have been around for years, but small businesses still don’t fully understand the benefit that they can bring to their company. From cost savings and increased collaboration to streamlined integrations and secure storage, cloud services are a great way to take your company to the next level.  This blog post will cover some […]