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Telewire, Inc. Launches New Managed Data Backup Services

Telewire, Inc., a leading Managed IT Service Provider (MSP), is excited to announce the launch of its new managed data backup services with flexible solutions that prioritizes cloud-based storage while also offering the option for on-site replication, catering to the varying needs of small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). This managed data backup solution is optimized […]

Warning! Cyber Security Costs Can Leave You Out of Business—Here’s How You Can Stop It

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Cyber attacks can have devastating consequences that go beyond financial problems for businesses—they can even lead to permanent closure of a business. In fact, Forbes reported that 60% of small businesses shut down 6 months after experiencing a data breach. Not only is your business at stake, but a cyber breach could also mean massive […]

7 Tips for Local Government Cybersecurity

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Local government is a field where cybersecurity should be taken seriously and extra precautions must be taken to safeguard the government’s sensitive data, systems, and networks.  Between government agencies, government-run programs, and employees’ personal information, local governments must put in the effort to make sure their cybersecurity measures are up-to-date, so they can avoid costly […]

Multi-Factor Authentication and Other Cybersecurity Measures You Need to Take

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Here’s a shocking statistic: according to Cobalt, over 2,200 cyberattacks happen daily. Cybersecurity should never be put on the back burner because the last thing you want is to be a part of that statistic. New cybersecurity services in Seaford and surrounding Sussex County emerge every day as businesses start to take it more seriously, […]

What are Your Options for Secure Data Storage?

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Leaving your data exposed to cybersecurity threats is like leaving your front door unlocked—it only takes one intrusion to cause massive damage and insane costs. In this digital age where new threats to cybersecurity emerge on a daily basis, secure data storage is of paramount importance. Secure data storage is the practice of taking steps […]

Telewire, Inc. Launches Ransomware-as-a-Service Program

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Telewire, Inc., a leading managed IT services provider (MSP), announced today that the company has launched a Ransomware-as-a-Service program designed to protect SMBs (small to mid-sized businesses) from the burgeoning cybercrime industry.  While most business owners have been taught that cybercriminals are lone, rogue actors who wear a dark hoodie and crack passwords from a […]

Why MFA is the Secret to Stronger Cybersecurity

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With cybercriminals on the loose and attacks on the rise, businesses must arm themselves with the best cybersecurity possible to keep their information the way it is — just theirs. This is why multi-factor authentication (MFA) is becoming more widely adopted: businesses are starting to realize the power it provides for preventing malicious access to […]

Supply Chain Attacks Are a Major Cybersecurity Threat: 5 Tips for Tackling This Cyber Threat Head-On

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Picture this: coffee in hand, you take a seat at your desk. You’re logging into your computer, ready to start your workday. You enter your nifty, well-thought-out password and try to log in. But you can’t, you realize you’re locked out. You may have been the victim of a supply chain attack. What is a […]

Challenges to SMB Cybersecurity and How to Overcome Them

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SMB stands for small and medium-sized businesses, and unfortunately, these are the businesses that are often the highest targets of cybercriminals. SMB cybersecurity is no longer an acronym reserved for only tech-savvy industries. Businesses of all industries, from retail to healthcare, have an online presence and store sensitive customer information. This means that they’re ideal […]

Telewire, Inc. Provides Comprehensive Incident Response and Disaster Recovery Plans to Their Customers

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SALISBURY, MD – October 20, 2022– Telewire, Inc., a leading managed IT services provider (MSP), is protecting small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) from cyberattacks by implementing incident response and disaster recovery plans. Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting SMBs over large corporations because stricter penalties and harsher regulations have forced larger organizations to fortify their networks from […]