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Telewire’s TC Clarity hosted phone service takes the hassle out of updating your communications infrastructure. Simply put, it is PBX-as-a-Service. You trade expensive phone bills, maintenance contracts, software fees, and upgrade costs for a simple, per user cost which is typically lower than using traditional technology.

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TC Clarity centralizes business phone numbers and devices in one user-friendly management console for customers who wish to control their own call flow and user updates. This powerful solution works with many CRM systems natively, optimizing communications for your entire team.

You build it as you go. Mobile phone and softphone app? No problem. Need voicemail transcription? We have that option. Want to collaborate via web meetings? We have solutions that scale to your size and your budget. Tired of robo-callers? We can block them. Want to send text messages to your customers? We can do that, too!

Not ready to abandon your IP-enabled phone system? Consider using TC Clarity’s SIP Trunk Service instead of Verizon’s copper to simplify your monthly calling expenses.

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What is TC Clarity? 

TC Clarity is Telewire’s own FCC-regulated Cloud PBX offering, giving you the best in new technologies but also the local support of the Telewire Team.

Anyone can resell VOIP services to you. You can even sign up online. However, calling into an 1-800 call center when you have last-minute changes that need to be made or troubleshooting features and outages yourself can be frustrating. Slow service is the hallmark of most large Cloud VOIP providers. If you don’t speak “telecom”, good luck working with their network engineers.

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At Telewire, we saw the need for something better. In 2020, Telewire decided to bring Cloud telecom in-house and offer our own service.

TC Clarity’s multimedia platform includes all the traditional voice services you might expect like unlimited local and long distance calling and 800 service. But we also have services for web meetings, webinar broadcasting, speech-to-text transcription, call center software, call reporting, call recording, and business text.

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Telewire and TC Clarity

What are the advantages of a Cloud-based VOIP system?

  • No need to buy a whole system. You only need the phones and a POE switch.
  • No more software upgrade costs or tech support fees.
  • No servers to maintain.
  • No local and long-distance calling costs.
  • Better business communication for in-office and remote teams.
  • Centralize phone numbers and devices.
  • Improve productivity with faster collaboration tools.
  • Scale communications up or down as you need to, with no long-term contracts.
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Why Telewire?

Telewire optimizes telecommunications in your enterprise so you can focus on other tasks. Telewire and TC Clarity provide custom solutions that save money, improve productivity, and promote growth.

Choose us for our exceptional customer service, affordable pricing, easy scalability, and reliable security.

Telewire and TC Clarity. We make it easy.

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Whether you’re ready to grow your business or simply tired of your old phone system, Telewire’s experienced and friendly IT team can create a unique package to meet the technology needs of your Maryland, Delaware, or U.S. business. 

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