When it comes to the technology that powers a business, most executives are quick to upgrade their computers and software. But when it comes to office telephone systems, they tend to lag behind technology updates. Many business owners assume telephone systems don’t require upgrades as often as other types of technology. Unfortunately, this is just not true.

Before you decide to leave your telephone systems alone, consider these 5 reasons why businesses need to upgrade their systems:

1. Obsolete Technology

The truth is, most office telephone systems around today are outdated and unreliable. They lack features that are essential for running a modern business, such as the following:

  • Unified Communications – having a single system that allows voice, video, and data to be shared over one network.
  • Advanced Features – call queues, multi-party conference calls, speed dials, and more—all essential for better efficiency in customer relations.
  • VoIP Capabilities VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the technology used to transfer audio and video data over IP networks.

Without these features, productivity can plummet and customer service can suffer. In fact,1 in 3 surveyed respondents stated that tech issues can lead to extreme stress. A stressful work environment can greatly impact productivity in the workplace.

2. Security Vulnerabilities

With cybercriminals looking for an in and data breaches on the rise, security vulnerabilities need to be eliminated. Yet, 50% of organizations use outdated software, which leaves themselves vulnerable to attacks.

Outdated systems can lead to anything from data theft to system shutdowns. Plus, they are difficult and costly to maintain. So, when you decide to not upgrade your office telephone system, you’re putting your data at risk. Malicious actors can hack into any outdated systems—including office phones.

3. Advanced Features

Modern office telephone systems come with advanced features that make it easier for employees to collaborate and stay connected, even when they’re not in the same room or building. You’ll get to experience the following tools:

  • Multi-party conference calls
  • Call queues
  • Speed dials
  • Voicemail to email features

4. Poor Quality

When you neglect to update your systems, a series of events could occur that can affect your systems and, in turn, your business:

1. Poor quality calls

2. Dropped calls

3. Static interference

Technical issues can be costly in terms of time and resources—two words every business wants to optimize and not run to the ground. A modern phone system offers superior sound quality for a better customer experience. And, when a customer has a pleasurable experience with your team, chances are they’ll come back for more.

5. Remote Employee Support

Remote work never looked so good with office telephone systems. As they were designed with an office in mind, it operates differently than regular phones to support a team. Any employee can stay connected to the office and collaborate with coworkers, even when they’re working from home or in a different location.

Take that trip across the world, or work from home while staying connected to your colleagues. With unified communication solutions, you can have it all.

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