Using a Managed Service Provider (MSP) should be a consideration as a small business grows. An MSP is a third-party IT company that offers a range of services to businesses to simplify IT management. 

They offer valuable services that can help to protect your business against cyber-crime and ensure your IT systems are running efficiently and compliantly.

Small businesses are often a target for cyber-criminals, usually because of the lack of high-level security, monitoring, and small IT staff levels.


Cyber-security is an important issue for any company dealing with customer data. An MSP is an experienced IT company, familiar with common threats that can compromise your business’ security. 

For the best defense against cyber-crime, you’ll need a highly skilled team to implement layered security measures that prevent hackers from intruding on your company data. A good MSP will offer this and also be on alert to eject any potential threats if they penetrate the security layers. 

They will also provide advanced backup options to ensure essential data is always accessible.


Hackers are more active outside of business hours. This means that your security and monitoring need to be robust 24/7. Companies that don’t have 24/7 monitoring are at risk of hackers preying on their vulnerability and chances of going unnoticed overnight. 

There is an even greater risk to businesses with low IT staff numbers, which is common for many small businesses. A reliable MSP will offer 24/7 monitoring and ensure they investigate suspicious activity and take any necessary actions as soon as they identify threats.


IT services are substantially more manageable for an in-house team when outsourcing some of these to an MSP. This leaves more time for in-house IT staff to focus on other areas, such as research and development.

Data Compliance

Compliance is key to your operations. With data collection and storage legislation ever-changing, keeping track of this can be difficult. An MSP will ensure that your business is always following current legislation regarding compliance and operating lawfully. 

This means keeping on top of updates relating to applications and your network. A trustworthy MSP will also take control of industry-specific compliance and updates for companies that operate in sectors with increased measures.

Lower IT-related costs

Budgeting is a substantial part of any successful business. Identifying areas where changes are possible is key to lowering costs. Making use of an MSP can lower your IT-related spending by minimizing infrastructure, resources, and maintenance costs. 

A good MSP will also have a transparent pricing structure and not hit you with unexpected costs, which makes budgeting simpler overall.

What Makes a Good MSP?

Although there are many MSPs out there, good ones are not always easy to find. There are several things to consider when searching for an MSP and these usually relate to the personal touch that a good MSP will provide. A good MSP will want to collaborate with your business, focus on your goals and understand your services. 

By knowing your business, interacting with you, and taking a flexible approach, a good MSP can provide the best service.

A good MSP is transparent, shares information with you, and doesn’t avoid human interaction, (even when providing a remote service). You should remember that a good business relationship with an MSP means building and maintaining trust. 

If a third-party IT company that you’re considering using as an MSP doesn’t display an understanding of this, then they’re probably not for you.