If you are a small or midsize business executive looking to partner with an IT company, congratulations! You are about to embark on a journey that will streamline and safeguard your most important data while freeing up time to focus on high-level, customer-oriented tasks.

What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services through a reputable IT company allow organizations to outsource their IT services, functions, and solutions to companies known as Managed Service Providers, or MSPs. An MSP assumes responsibility for around-the-clock IT system monitoring and maintenance while offering consulting for all your technical needs. 

Common MSP Services

What each IT company provides depends on its capabilities and bandwidth. Look for an MSP that provides at least the following services:

Data Backup

IT backup services house and protect your company data and allow you to recover data—no matter the size. This layer of additional security ensures that data remains secure and accessible should a catastrophe or other event cause an outage or loss of data.

Help Desk Solutions

MSPs offer help desk solutions to ensure you have IT specialist access whenever you need it. The IT specialist will troubleshoot your issues and get your system and team back to work.

IT Support Services

Your MSP should proactively monitor, manage, and patch your devices as soon as an issue arises. They should also communicate and provide clear insight into how your system works and what best practices will keep it functioning optimally.

Managed Network Security

Data estimates reveal that cybercriminals will steal about 33 billion records in 2023. This shows that you cannot afford to neglect cybersecurity issues for your organization. Managed network security helps free up your IT resources by outsourcing tasks like network intrusion detection and prevention, virus and spam eradication, content filtering, and traffic analysis through a firewall.


An MSP should be able to help you store all the data that your business needs and generates. Using precious business resources for data storage isn’t secure, reliable, or optimal. That’s why MSPs offer  data storage and security solutions that will hold everything you need without restricting access. 

There are typically several tiers to general data storage. Your MSP should work with you to identify and use the type of storage that gives you optimal efficiency at the lowest cost.

Finding a Reputable IT Company

Your company data and IT infrastructure are far too valuable to leave vulnerable and unmanaged. Finding a reputable IT company to be your MSP is paramount to the success of your business. Most companies don’t have the resources to hire a team of tech experts to be on call 24/7. 

Your MSP will serve as your company’s IT department, providing you with the comprehensive IT services your business needs while ensuring your technology and data are always accessible, reliable, and secure.