Telewire, Inc., a leading managed services provider (MSP), announced they’ve unveiled new technology which will help optimize customer networks. One of the central challenges facing every small to mid-sized business (SMB) is how to keep their technology infrastructure running smoothly as they continue to grow. As organizations scale, networks typically go through a growth curve in terms of complexity. Telewire has made an investment into one of the latest change management and inventory asset software technologies in order to ensure that their customer networks remain at peak performance as they ascend through these new phases of business.

With employees bringing their own devices onto a network, company devices fluctuating between being under-warranty and out-of-warranty, changing headcounts and a litany of new cloud-based apps being used to keep the company productive, organizations are often quickly overwhelmed by the staggering complexity of all those various factors. Telewire has taken a leadership position by investing in technology that ensures accurate, immediate insight across the IT technology stack and highlights what changes were made across all systems at any time. Comprehensive documentation included in this technology holds third-party vendors accountable and can do wonders to preserve critical customer relationships, reduce liability, etc.

Bryan Murfree, President of Telewire stated, “Businesses can only grow as fast as their network can perform. Telewire thoroughly monitors our customers’ infrastructure, hardware and software assets, and any changes that may occur because of employee interaction with their network. We know immediately who at a company administered a change and how it contributed to the overall functionality of the rest of its IT systems, in real-time. Through a significant investment in the latest state of change management and inventory management technology, Telewire is elevating industry standards. This technology is indispensable for ensuring that the devices our customers rely on are constantly performing at their maximum potential. If I were an SMB, I would be suspect of working with any managed services provider that wasn’t leveraging this type of technology or providing this level of insight.”