To be competitive in today’s marketplace, businesses must have the latest technologies. But often businesses (especially small and midsize ones) are not able or willing to have their own in-house IT department.
That’s where Telewire comes in: to help set up and service all of your IT needs.

What is Network Configuration? 

Network configuration is the process of establishing a network’s settings, policies, flows, controls, and operations. It’s essentially how a network is set up. This typically involves router configuration, host configuration, and software configuration. Router configuration is the process of setting up the correct IP addresses so that the signal flows smoothly into your local network. 

The host configuration is the process of setting up a company’s host laptop or computer with all the right settings so that the network runs well. Software configuration is the process of ensuring all the documents and programs in your network are established in the right way. The network configuration also usually includes firewall configuration (for safety).

Network configuration is important because it ensures your network is safe, efficient, and stable. Professional network configuration Telewire provides keeps your network safe and protected from hackers trying to steal your company’s data. 

Our network configuration process also increases your network and processing speeds. That means no waiting around for websites to load, downloads to complete, or uploads to send. It also means that your network will continue to work no matter what your data flow looks like.

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What is Network Monitoring? 

Network monitoring provides the information that tells a network administrator whether the network is operating smoothly and efficiently. Network monitoring is checking in on the configuration of a network. If a network is inefficient, network monitoring will tell the administrator that the configuration is set up in an inefficient way. 

If a network is unsafe, network monitoring will tell the administrator that the configuration is vulnerable to hacking attempts. That way, you’ll receive real-time alerts to potential vulnerabilities, slowdowns, or even threats. 

Network monitoring allows Telewire to continually monitor your office network, connected computers, and devices to ensure everything is working properly. Scans will detect issues that could cause performance errors, enabling an expert team of IT support personnel to rectify the issue quickly. This ensures your daily processes become more efficient than ever before and protects your data from both internal and external threats.

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It should be clear that small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are in great need of the network configuration and monitoring that Telewire provides. Telewire is there to provide the expertise and support that you need at a price you can afford. 

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