IT Services in REHOBOTH

Rehoboth, Delaware, a thriving city on the Atlantic coast, is home to numerous thriving small businesses, including breweries, construction, banking and finance, pharmaceutical, healthcare and education. All of these businesses require a robust IT infrastructure to streamline operations, enhance security and fuel growth. Telewire’s IT services in Rehoboth make your technology work for you!

At Telewire, we help businesses realize their full potential by offering world-class IT solutions customized to meet their unique needs. Our team of experts has over 30 years of experience providing managed IT services and cybersecurity solutions to businesses in Rehoboth and beyond.

Managed IT Services

At Telewire, we manage all your IT systems, provide regular software upgrades, perform security updates, provide business continuity and a disaster recovery plan and ensure compliance with the industry’s regulations. Additionally, our fully certified data center ensures superior data security for all your sensitive information. 

  • System protection against viruses and malware
  • Managing IT infrastructure and networks
  • Round-the-clock IT support services
  • Managing cloud-based IT infrastructure and solutions
  • Telecommunication services like VoIP to connect you with clients
  • Enabling mobile and wireless computing
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Data analytics to give you real-time insights

Business Phone and VoIP

Our VoIP experts effectively increase connection, mobility and security across your organization, improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We make it possible for you to enjoy all modern communication services, including voicemail, caller ID, conference calling, call waiting and call forwarding, benefiting your business in the following ways:

  • Zero-cost distance calling
  • Quick and easy scalability
  • Standout mobility and worldwide access
  • Integration with existing devices
  • Improved security and privacy


At Telewire, we help businesses reduce cybersecurity risks such as malware attacks, ransomware and data loss, protecting your employees’ and customers’ sensitive data. 

Our IT experts go out of their way to ensure that you do not fall victim to viruses, scams and hacks by monitoring your websites and systems around the clock. At Telewire, we believe in providing strategic leadership, managing your IT system and cybersecurity to ward off any threats proactively.


We understand the central role of cloud integration in today’s businesses. Our cloud services allow you to access your data anytime from any location, keeping you always in the loop. Our encrypted file-sharing platform eases creation, collaboration and secure data sharing over the internet. We also back up your data in real-time in the cloud, ensuring easy recovery in case of a disaster.


Telewire leads from the front with the best-in-class managed IT services and cybersecurity solutions for all our clients. We offer world-class IT solutions tailored to your unique business goals. If you are looking for the best IT services in Rehoboth, Delaware, contact us today.

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