What would you like your next phone system to do?

What would you like your next phone system to do? If it has been a few years since your last upgrade, you might be surprised to find out what today's technology can do to streamline your business, increase business and employee productivity, and help you provide outstanding customer service. Telewire offers a variety of call processing servers to meet every budget.

We offer the Mitel 3300 and the Mitel 5000 HX servers for rock-solid reliability, out-of-the-box networking, and best-of-breed sound quality. The Mitel 3300 offers redundancy and resiliency for enterprise and mission-critical networks. And the Mitel 5000 provides small and medium businesses a dynamic platform that performs equally well with digital and IP phones.

We offer the ESI C+ and 50L systems for smaller business customers who still need advanced functionality. The ESI system brings technology into reach for customers who thought a new system was beyond their budget.

Finally, we offer Zultys systems for the customer who is committed to an all-IP platform and wants advanced system features without having to run multiple servers. This is the newest addition to our line-up for premise-based phone systems, and we respect Zultys for its ability to bring the very newest features to our customers by making voice just another "app" on our customers' data networks.

Behind the hardware is the voice network itself, your carriers. You may be using Verizon for local service and a separate long distance carrier for your long distance calls. You may have a third carrier for your toll-free services. You may be with Comcast or AT&T. You may have a mixture of local and long distance carriers. Telewire offers a free telecom carrier audit service to all of our customers to help you understand exactly what you have and how much it is costing you. Call us today and let us help you de-code your phone bills. We may recommend a different mix of carriers or we may recommend a different plan with your existing carrier. If you have too many lines, we may recommend a different type of service altogether. We want to help you understand your options clearly.

When it comes to your hardware and your carriers, you have so many more choices today that you had even five years ago. At Telewire, our trained and knowledgeable staff wants to help you compare your options fairly so that your business gets exactly what it needs to stay profitable and to stay connected. Every business is unique. We want to help you find a voice solution that meets those unique needs.

Telewire has been trusted by hundreds of local businesses since 1984.